Smile data bundles include OTT tax

The following terms apply to OTT tax-inclusive data bundles:

  • OTT tax is deducted everyday from daily and 30-day data bundles once the customer accesses OTT service;
  • OTT tax is deducted upfront for 30-days from Unlimited data bundles as there would be no data to deduct once the FUP of this bundle is reached;
  • Daily OTT tax is UGX200 per day and is deducted daily in MBs from the relevant bundle;
  • 30-day OTT tax is UGX6,000 and is deducted in MBs from an Unlimited data bundle;
  • Daily OTT tax of UGX200 per day is deducted from Airtime for out-of-bundle data usage;
  • All data bundles are OTT tax-compliant, meaning that all Smile data bundles include OTT tax.
Validity Data bundle OTT Tax in MBs per day
24 hours 100MB SmileFlexy 16MB
200MB SmileFlexy 16MB
300MB SmileFlexy 16MB
500MB SmileFlexy 16MB
1.5GB SmileLite 16MB
1GB SmileNight 16MB

30 days

500MB Anytime 16MB
1GB SmileLite 16MB
1.5GB SmileLite 16MB
3GB Anytime 16MB
5GB Anytime 16MB
10GB Anytime 16MB
20GB Anytime 16MB
50GB Anytime 48MB
100GB Anytime 48MB
200GB Anytime 48MB
5GB Night & Weekend 16MB
10GB Night & Weekend 16MB
20GB Night & Weekend 16MB
30 days UnlimitedEssential 1452MB
UnlimitedPremium 1452MB
UnlimitedPlatinum 1452MB