No limits to Unlimited with NEW Snack bundles

Smile now brings you Snack bundles, the best way to continue enjoying the fastest Unlimited internet in Uganda!

You can experience the fastest, unlimited internet when you recharge with a Snack bundle that offers data speeds of up to 4Mbps.

The following Snack bundles are available to customers with an active Unlimited bundle:


(up to 4Mbps)

Data Validity Price 


NEW 1GB Snack

1GB Dynamic 5,000

NEW 3GB Snack




NEW 5GB Snack




NEW 10GB Snack 10GB Dynamic


Please note:

  • Snack bundles can only be recharged through MySmile, Smile shops, kiosks and direct sales representatives
  • Snack bundles can only be used with an active Unlimited monthly bundle
  • Snack validity is dynamic and will adapt the same validity as your current active Unlimited data bundle. The Snack bundle will be valid until your active Unlimited data bundle expires.

Remember that you have to have an active Unlimited data bundle to recharge with and use Snack. Log into MySmile to recharge or visit any Smile Shop, Kiosk to continue to enjoy the fastest internet in Uganda.