#KyookyaMonday Terms of Use

  1. KyookyaMonday offers a customer X10 BONUS data when they recharge with any monthly bundle on Monday excluding SmileUnlimited, 24-hr daily and SmileNight bundles.
  2. The KyookyaMonday offer is ONLY available every Monday during the campaign period.
  3. Upon recharge, customers will receive a notification with a web link. Customer will be required to click on that link in order to claim their Kyookya BONUS data bundle.
  4. The BONUS claim link can only be used once every Monday, to claim the KyookyaMonday BONUS, and will expire at Midnight the following Sunday.
  5. KyookyaMonday BONUS data is valid from the time the KyookyaMonday data is claimed until the following Sunday at midnight. All KyookyaMonday BONUS data will expire at midnight the following Sunday.
  6. The KyookyaMonday offer is ONLY available for the first purchase of a qualifying monthly data bundle on a Monday. Additional data bundle recharges on the same day do not qualify for the KyookyaMonday BONUS.
  7. Any paid-for data will be used before the KyookyaMonday BONUS data during the week (Monday to Friday). However, from Friday Midnight until Sunday midnight, the KyookyaMonday BONUS data will be used before the paid-for data.
  8. A Customer that is currently enjoying the “100% 30-day Bonus upon recharge” offer qualifies for the Kyookya offers. However, once the customer claims any Kyookya BONUS data, they will automatically opt-out of the “100% 30-day Bonus upon recharge offer.