#KyookyaDouble Terms of Use

  1. KyookyaDouble offer will be available to a customer that has had active usage of any paid-for monthly data bundle for 7 days prior to the KyookyaDouble day offer.
  2. A Customer that qualifies for the KyookyaDouble offer will be credited with DOUBLE their data balance, as it is on the day of the KyookyaDouble offer.
  3. KyookyaDouble BONUS data will be valid for 7 days from the KyookyaDouble offer date.
  4. Any paid-for data will be used before the KyookyaDouble BONUS data.
  5. Customers will receive a notification with a web link and will be required to click on this link in order to claim their KyookyaDouble BONUS data.
  6. The KyookyaDouble data claim link can only be used once to claim the KyookyaDouble BONUS data, and the link will expires 7 days from the time of the KyookyaDouble offer.
  7. Unused KyookyaDouble BONUS data cannot roll over and will expire at midnight of the 7th day.
  8. The KyookyaDouble BONUS offer will not apply to a customer with a data balance in their 24-hr daily and SmileNight bundles.