FREE 1-hour YouTube daily terms of use

• This free offer is available only to customers who join the Smile network and to existing customers who recharge with a 5GB 30-day bundle or more;
• Customers can use 1-hour of FREE YouTube everyday at any time of the day.  The 1-hour FREE daily YouTube offer is ONLY available via the internet at  Please note that should the YouTube App be used to watch movies and listen to music, paid-for data will be used for these services;
• Should you recharge with another 5GB 30-day bundle or more, your FREE 1-hr YouTube will be extended with the validity of the data bundle you recharged with;
• The 1-hour FREE YouTube promotion will expire when the validity of the bundle that was recharged with expires. For new customers this would be 30 days from the day that s/he joined the Smile network, for existing customers this would be 30 days from the recharge date of a qualifying bundle;
• FREE YouTube minutes that were not used on-the-day cannot be carried over to the next day and does not accumulate over time. Should a customer access YouTube outside of this timeline or stays connected to YouTube beyond the 60 minutes allocated, the data usage will be charged against an active data bundle or if the customer does not have data left, YouTube will disconnect/not connect;
• Please note that used FREE YouTube minutes only contribute to the allocated 1-hour when data is transmitted across the network. Therefore, if a customer is watching a video on YouTube internet and pause, the time stops and will continue only once they press play again.