Data Rollover Terms of Use

1. Data rollover is available on all data plans except Unlimited, Daily, Weekly and Gift data bundles.
2. Effective 18th July 2019, data rollover now makes provision for a 7-day grace period which offers customers additional time to recharge with a new data bundle to rollover unused data for the next 30 days.
3. During the 7-day grace period, unused data is not lost and the customer has the opportunity to renew their data plan within this “grace period” to rollover unused data. Failure to recharge within the 7-day grace period, will result in the unused data completely expiring from the customer’s account.
4. To rollover unused data, a customer is required to buy any monthly data bundle, except the Unlimited bundles, for the unused data to be rolled over for the next 30 days. For example, when a 3GB monthly data bundle expires after 30 days and there is 800MB data left in this bundle, the unused 800MB will roll over when the customer recharges any monthly data bundle within the 7-day grace period.
5. The rolled over data balance will be used first before data from the topped-up bundle. Both bundles will be valid for 30 days.
6. The customer will be notified via SMS to the mobile number registered with Smile, on successful rollover of unused data.
7. Data bundles eligible for rollover of unused data include:

  • 1.5GB Monthly
  • 5GB Monthly
  • 3GB Monthly
  • 5GB Monthly
  • 10GB Monthly
  • 15GB Monthly
  • 25GB Monthly
  • 30GB Monthly
  • 50GB Monthly
  • 65GB Monthly
  • 100GB Monthly